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Edgar Cayce The Complete Readings CD
Edgar Cayce
Complete Readings

Edgar Cayce  and a Course in Miracles - DVD
Edgar Cayce and
a Course in Miracles

NEW! There Is a River - Audiobook - On CD and DVD
There Is a River

Seven Spiritual Centers - DVD
Seven Spiritual Centers
Charles Thomas Cayce,
John Van Auken

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Mind Is the Builder Your Life Is the Result

Mind Is the Builder - Your Life Is the Result
by Dick Daily - Paperback - 178 pgs

As stated, we truly create our own reality and, therefore, have the power to change it. This book is a compilation of quotes from the readings arranged around the following subtopics:

  • Mental Activity During Sleep
  • Building from Within
  • The Soul Becomes What the Mind Dwells Upon
  • Think Constructively and Creatively

An extremely handy and wonderfully inspiring handbook
of life-changing principles.

Edgar Cayce's Egypt
Edgar Cayce’s Egypt
Psychic Revelatons on the Most Fascinating Civilization Ever Known
Editors of the A.R.E. Press
Paperback - 608 pgs

Edgar Cayce gave more than 14,000 readings during his lifetime. A large number of those readings were about ancient Egypt.

The information in these readings gives great insight into who the ancient people of Egypt were, how they lived, fought, ruled, and developed as one of the most incredible civilizations that ever existed on the planet.

Edgar Cayce's Predictions For The 21st Century
Edgar Cayce's Predictions for the 21st Century
Mark Thurston
Paperback - 233 pgs.

According to the Cayce prophecies, the 21st century and beyond is about change—geological, social, political, economic, and spiritual. While our conscious minds want predictions that are specific to what exactly is going to happen and when, we cannot always get that kind of information from the unconscious mind.

Thurston explores the Cayce predictions in this light—from the discovery of Atlantis (was Cayce viewing a time of the past or actually catching a glimpse of our future?), to Earth changes (will there be a pole shift or will there be a shift in consciousness ?), to the most controversial and hopeful of Cayce’s prophecies, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

How to Discover Your Past Lives - This 14-session course will enable you to tap into the subconscious memories of your own past lives. On-line sample click here 
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